Is Apple falling behind the times?


You have to give it to Apple guru Steve Wozniak for never hiding his true opinion on the state of technology. At Businesweek’s awards Wozniak told german media WirtschaftsWoche that Apple are losing the smartphone war. According to him, Cupertino’s core audience has been whiskered away by Samsung and other competing manufacturers’s devices, because they are “great products”, and Apple have to work on maintaining their loyal fans. While Wozniak still has a limited presence in Apple, it seems his attention’s been captured by competing products too, as he had a fair shair of superlatives for Windows Phone, which he calls “a friendly OS”.

According to latest rumors from China, Apple are ready to jump into the 5-inch smartphone war with the iPhone 6. If they are to do that, and they probably have no other choice as the iPhone can no longer compete with a puny 4-inch screen, we will see a larger iPhone later this year.