iPhone X touchscreen ”freezes” when going out in the cold – Apple promises to fix this!

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that there are some issues with iPhone X touchscreen which becomes unresponsive when it’s moving to cold environments, like going out of the warmth of you home, to the cold weather outside.

And the temperature are going to be very low in the next months as in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth is heading to winter. The issue is that the screen becomes unresponsive due to the sudden change in temperature. Not every time, and it seems that this issue occurs when temperatures is nearly to freezing point. After a few secs, the screen comes back to normal, but you have to lock and unlock the phone again to register touch input.

Apple acknowledges the issues and announced the users that they are working on a fix which will be delivered in an upcoming software update. They better do it, because “winter is here”.