iPhone X costs $412 to produce

- Adrian Ungureanu

The cheapest iPhone X, the one with 64GB storage costs $999 in the US and between $1,100 and $1,300 outside the US, depending on market, but Apple pays less than half to produse it.

In fact, Apple charge 60% in the US for iPhone X than its production price. If we take the prices in other countries, like India for example, it’s even more than that. Still we do have to mention that prices variations may appear because of the local taxes.

The latest report suggests, Apple plays 412.75 US dollars to produce an iPhone X unit, and the most expansive compoments are the OLED panel ($80 per unit), NAND memory chips from Toshiba ($45) and the A11 chipset – $26.

The Apple iPhone X can be pre-ordered on October 27 and shipping starts on November 3.