iPhone 8 without wireless charging, 3D facial recognition or in-display fingerprint scanner

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that rumors about Apple having problem in making iPhone 8 great have emerged again. This time, the news are really bad and if they are true Apple will be in serious trouble.

According to Apple Insider, Apple might deliver iPhone 8 with its wireless charging and 3D facial recognition features disabled because of a software-related issue. The phone will get the hardware components needed for this features, but they will not be activated until Apple fixes those bugs.

I really, can’t imagine what kind of software bug Apple may have encountered that its engineers and developers won’t be able to fix until the iPhone 8 will be released. If the previous rumors are right, iPhone 8 will be unveiled in the second half of September and the first shipments will start in October. So Apple has 3 or even 4 months months to solve this issue.

If the rumors are true, than Apple will have a real problem, because, according to Bloomberg, Apple hasn’t really come up with a working in-display fingerprint scanner, so the Cupertino-based company relies on the new 3D facial recognition feature to be iPhone 8’s main autentication method.

If Apple won’t come up with a viable and secure autentication method, iPhone 8 users won’t be able to use Apple Pay, a service that relied on the fingerprint scanner until now.

Well, if the rumors are right and iPhone 8 will lack the wireless charging, the 3D facial recognition system and the in-display fingerprint scanner, then it wouldn’t even get close to being the iPhone, that all Apple fans dreamed of.