iPhone 8 Plus is selling better than iPhone 8 and there’s no surprise about that

- Adrian Ungureanu

iPhone fans declared themselves against big screen smartphones, walking in the foot steps of the iPhone creator, the late Steve Jobs, yet ever since the iPhone 6 Plus, opinions have started to shift.

Though they keep on saying that big smartphone are hard to handle, they keep buying them. Last year, iPhone 7 Plus was getting closer and closer to the standard variant iPhone 7 in sales, proving that big screens are more and more popular among iPhone fans.

This year, the iPhone 8 Plus started as the favorite, as KGI Securities reports that the phablet is accountable for more then half of the overall iPhone 8 sales. Some say there’s a surprise, but judging the sales evolution in the past two years that was expected.

KGI Securities also mentions that its expectation are exceeded by iPhone 8 sales. Their most proeminent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, as other analysts, suggested that iPhone 8 sales will be slow because everybody would wait to see the iPhone X. Yet sales of iPhone 8 models are not weak and there’s a stable demand from the carriers.

KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo said iPhone X could top 50 million pre-orders, but if the iPhone 8 series will start picking up speed, Kuo predictions might be way off.