iPhone 8 might be delayed at least 3 weeks

    - Adrian Ungureanu

    More bad news for iPhone fans who eagerly await for the iPhone 8, the 10th anniversary smartphone from Apple.

    Yesterday we were talking about some issues that Apple has to fix, regarding some software bugs that affect the wireless charging and 3D facial recognition features of the phone.

    In the same article we noted that Bloomberg reported that Apple might even ditch the in-display fingerprint scanner since the Cupertino-based company can’t come with a viable solution.

    Today we hear that Merrill Lynch’s latest report bring more bad news. Officials of Bank of America’s division made a trip to Asia, to discuss with Apple’s suppliers and they came back with concerning news.

    According to Apple’s suppliers, the iPhone maker is still having problems integrating its Touch ID tech into the display. Also, there are some problems with its 3D sensing tech. Because of these problems, the report noted that iPhone 8’s release might be delayed by at least 3 weeks.

    I doubt that such a big organisation as Bank of America doesn’t have reliable sources, so that’s why I fear that Bloomberg’s recent report about Apple considering ditching the in-display fingerprint scanner completely, might be true.

    To many bad news for iPhone fans in just a few days