iPhone 8 might be arriving later than iPhone 7s and 7s Plus

- Adrian Ungureanu

So far we know that Apple will launch three smartphones this year. We will get the usual upgrade of the last years iPhones, to iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, but alongside them we should get the anniversary iPhone, that will mark 10 years of iPhone history.

We know it as iPhone 8, but it might be renamed. It could be called iPhone X or iPhone Edition or iPhone Pro, but that’s for Apple to decide as all this names made up by tipsters, publications and other media.

Anyway, there are some concerns with this one as latest rumors say it might not be ready for lunch at the same time with the iPhone 7s variants. Is seems that there are some problems with the 3D sensing system that will enable the new augmenter reality features that will be installed on iPhone 8.

Thus, iPhone 8’s launch date might be push to October or ever to November. Apple bets big with AR and CEO Tim Cook stated previously that the tech giant it investing big money in AR, so until the 3D sensing will be working properly, there might not be an iPhone 8 release.