iPhone 8 latest renders shows a phone more to Apple’s fans liking

- Adrian Ungureanu

After a round of rumors that made iPhone 8 lose some of the shining light bestowed by previous rumors, we get a new set of renders based on a metalic mold that might be used to make the casings for Apple’s anniversary iPhone.

Fortunately, the new renders dismisses the design shown in the so called schematics of iPhone 8, that appeared online last week. Unfortunately, these new renders do confirm previous rumors that say iPhone 8 might not feature the curved-edged display Apple fans were hoping for.

Yet, the curvy design of the phone will by given by the class panels that will protect the display. The renders shows a flat display that will cover the entire surface of the phone. Also, the Home physical button is out of the question, too.

The renders also, confirms the vertical setting of the dual-camera that will be installed on the back of the new iPhone. We can also see a camera flash placed between the sensors.

We can’t see any fingerprint sensor on the back, so that means that the integration of Touch ID in the display is still doable, a feature that previous rumors suggested that Apple might not be able to accomplish.

But those rumors were also dismissed by the latest reports from South Korea which confirms that Samsung will start shipping the first OLED panels to Apple in June. That means that Apple can stick to its original production schedule.

Well, we cannot vouche that these will be the exact design of iPhone 8 as Benjamin Veskin, the author of these renders is not working for Apple. Yet, if the mold he based its renders is real, that the final product might look to different to the shown in this pictures.