iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus dummy units appear together in leaked photo

- Adrian Ungureanu

We’re approaching the big moment, when Apple will unveil its new smartphones and among them de anniversary iPhone, the device that has been for so long in the spot lights.

We’ve seen many pictures and render of iPhone 8, but very few about the 7s upgrade, that we even though the Apple might ditch. And there are a few reasons to believe than.

But now, the alleged dummy units of the three models have made a first appearance, together in a leaked photo. They all fit the description, so there’s little to discuss about their design.

The source of these photo claims that the back of the phones, according to the dummy units is going to be made out of glass, which only confirms the fact that the new iPhone will feature wireless charging, if there was a need for anymore proof.

The picture is real, the only questions that remains: Are does the dummies of the real deal? Cause we’ve seen plenty of mock-up this year and there plenty of this you can do with a 3D printer.