iPhone 5S prototype boasts A7 CPU?


According to MacRumors.com the next iPhone has a next-gen Apple A7 CPU. The A6 CPU inside the iPhone 5 has a product number APL0598, and the A6X inside the iPhone 4 is APL 5598. The one in the iPhone 5S prototype is APL0698, which is a hundredth in the future.

iPhone 5S и iPhone 5

iPhone 5S to the left, iPhone 5 to the right.

The new iPhone also has 1GB Elpida RAM – the same amount as in the iPhone 5. Other clues point to a fingerprint reader, dual-LED flash and a slightly larger battery.

According to Reuters, next year Apple will announce 4.7 and 5.7-inch iPhones to combat the heat from Samsung and other Android devices.

Source: MacRumors