iPhone 5e will be the new 4 – inch proposal from Apple


After 4 – inch smartphone from Apple has been discussed a lot in the network recent months, but has not yet officially announced. This may change in a few weeks, if you trust the latest information that reached us.

Until now there was much debate exactly which device to expect from the company. A most – old rumor made the subject is that this will be the iPhone 6c, then some customers called it iPhone 7c, and today Chinese analyst said that in fact there are none of these.


According to this person, the name of what Apple chose to give the new 4 – inch iPhone has 5f as “e” means “improved” (enhanced). This model will obviously be slightly upgraded iPhone 5s, like online again expect Apple Pay and VoLTE.

The main camera will be 8MP, while the chip should be A8, in the company of 1GB RAM. In China, the price of the iPhone 5e is expected to be $ 500.