Introducing yacht Wider 125


Wider Yachts presented their plans for the Wider 125 superyacht of “Yacht & Brokerage Show” in Miami. Under the motto “Never Enough”, the company handled more than a year to research and design the ideal ship for yacht owners. The all-aluminum yacht is the work of designer Filvio De Simoni, who was behind W150 and W165 and ensure that the new super yacht is the same style as the rest of the line.


 Just as with previous models, the control room is located at the front of the nose of the boat, so there is more space with four spacious cabins, which are much larger than those that occur normally. There are two identical cabins, and one which is more reserved for the captain. The main deck at the end is awesome coupe with a huge terrace.


 This broader yacht is expected to be at least 2600 sea forces 12 knots and a top speed of 14.