Internet Explorer 11 for your Windows 7 devices


If you don’t like Windows 8/ 8.1 and Internet Explorer is your friend, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, so you can tune up your virtual friend with the latest version of Internet Explorer.


Already available in Windows 8.1, the updated Internet Explorer features includes improved performance, security, support for more web standards. It brings more and faster app-like websites to your Windows 7 device. Microsoft claims that this new version of IE has the fastest JavaScript engine, so the pages should render faster than on other browsers (30% faster browser loading websites), reducing CPU usage and improving battery life.


You can enjoy what Internet has to offer you with this support for an additional 25 web standards that Internet Explorer 11 brings (side-by-side sites and apps, live tile support, one-click Skype calling and reading view to Windows 7 devices, acces for websites to your device’s accelerometer and gyroscope thanks to WebGL support).


Internet Explorer 11 has an automatic update for already Windows 7 users, but it can be downloaded on Microsoft’s site if you can’t wait or if you have updates disabled.

Source: laptopmag