Intel bridge the gap to Haswell with 10w Ivy Bridge


Intel confirmed yesterday’s rumours about a 10-watt battery-saving revision of its Ivy Bridge architecture. Scheduled to appear some time before their next generation chip offering Haswell, this version of the chipset will bridge the gap between the 3rd and 4th generation of chips.

At present Ivy Bridge chipsets are rated at 17w power consumption, brought down to 13w at lowest. The new silicone will be produced in a 22nm process and eventual chips are said to be offered in very limited quantities by the middle of next year. We expect them to enter the market full-force when Intel introduce Haswell, as a means to offer a less pricy solution for those looking for a new ultrabook and not ready to spend on a Haswell-powered machine.

At 10w the CPU’s will require less power and space for cooling which should help laptops become thinner and carry a larger battery. The question is whether the new architecture will offer the same raw computing power of Ivy Bridge at lower consumption.