Instagram to push against Vine with video sharing?


Fresh from the rumor mill comes a Facebook who’s ready to reveal new video sharing capabilities for Instagram in the hope to enter the spotlight which has been obstructed by Twitter’s Vine. The six-second video sharing app has been a smash hit for Twitter, settling for nothing but top positions in Google Play and App Store’s ranks. And video sharing is now the latest frontier in the cold war between the two social media titans. Determined to keep precious traffic away from Twitter, Facebook blocked Vine from accessing its friend finder and downsized photo sharing from Instagram on Twitter to an unapealling link leading to the photo on

Videos on Instagram will probably be revealed at Facebook’s event on 20 June (Thursday). According to tech blogger Matthew Keyes, in-house testing of the service was wrapped up in the last three weeks, and the videos were five and ten seconds in lenght.

Source: TechCrunch