Instagram cuts off Twitter support, want you to use


Your Instagram photos will no longer show up directly in you Twitter followers’ feeds but only in the form of links to Intent on channeling users to its own website, the photo sharing/abysmal filtering service cancelled support for “Twitter cards” last week. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom commented: “What we realised was we really needed to build an awesome web presence and just recently we launched web profiles which allows you to showcase all of your images from the past. It’s about where you go to consume that image. We want that to be on because we think that’s a better experience.” Without the marketing sugarcoating, this statement would read as “Twitter profits on traffic generated by our service, and that’s not cool with us and our Facebook masters anymore. So sorry about that, and make sure you use!” Cynicism aside, any reasonable enterpreneur would do exactly the same in this situation, don’t you think?

Anyway, if you are affected by Instagram’s change of policy, a noted web developer has cooked up a Chrome extension by the name of InstaTwit and people using it report 100% success in restoring Cards functionality on Twitter. So rejoice!