Huawei’s CEO says they want to launch a foldable smartphone next year

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, it seems that we’ll be stepping into the foldable smartphones era, as more and more rumors emerge on the web or when confirmations are made by officials.

Cause that’s the case here, Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu has confirmed that his company is currently working on a foldable phone slated for 2018 launch.

Speaking to CNET, YU has mentioned that the company has a working sample of the phone, but isn’t ready to launch the device just yet. The device needs a better, flexible and a mechanical design and the company still needs some more time to perfect the design before it launches next year. “We have two screens. But we still have a small gap (between the screens). That’s not good, and we should get rid of that gap.” He further states.

So Huawei’s device is going to be similar to ZTE’s Axon M, which was unveiled last week.

As of the rest of the news, Samsung’s mobile division boss, DJ Koh, Samsung is set to launch a foldable smartphone next year that will have a foldable screen, which will be a premiere for the smartphone industry. Yeah, there have be some prototypes and concepts showcased now and than at tech expos, but we’re takling about these devices becoming consumer goods.

Also, some rumors say that Apple is set to follow the trend, as LG is preparing to supply Apple with flexible and bendable components such as OLED panels for a foldable iPhone in 2020. Apple even got a patent for a bendable display in the meantime.

So, we’re going to have an interesting year in 2018.