Huawei unveiled its alternatives for FaceID and Animoji – there’s not much difference

- Adrian Ungureanu

Huawei unveiled yesterday its Honor V10 smartphone in China, but alongside it, the Chinese tech giant has unveiled its 3D sensing system, that enables it to install on its smartphones features such as FaceID and Animoji, which were first introduced by Apple on iPhone X.

There’s not much differences between the two 3D sensing systems. As you can see in the picture bellow, there are two RGB LED sensors, one RGB camera, an infrared camera, one proximity sensor and VCSEL Projector, which is said to project 300,000 points on your face to map your facial features. That’s 10 times more than the Dot Projector in the iPhone X.

The new 3D sensing system will allow users to unlock their devices, to validate transactions and of course, to transform their facial expressions into animated emoji, just la Apple’s Animoji.

Though they unveiled in an Honor event, the new system is not present on the Honor V10. Most likely it’ll be introduced on the Huawei P11 series.

Bellow you have Apple’s systems schematics so you came make a comparison between two competing technologies.