Huawei to launch the first Honor laptop next week

- Adrian Ungureanu

Huawei has been producing laptops for some time, maybe you’ve heard of the Matebook models, a kind of Chinese alternative to Apple’s MacBook models.

I know, it sounds ambitious for a company like Huawei, without much experience in the computer segment to dare to compete with Apple, but in Asia due to its similar design and much lower prices than Apple’s laptops, Matebooks have caught up well with the public.

That’s right at first, because now the Matebooks aren’t that cheap anymore. For instance, Matebook X Pro, released in February 2018, has a starting price of 1,500 euros.

Now, the Chinese group will launch Honor MagicBook on April 19, the first Honor-branded laptop. Also on the same day will be released the new Honor 10 smartphone.

The Honor brand was born in 2011 as a brand of to compete with budget online brands in China and in 2013 it became a division of the Huawei group. In 2014, the brand got out of China, and the Honor products became available in several Asian and European countries.

Meanwhile, although it still produces cheaper devices than the Huawei brand, it has steadily started to produce increasingly well-equipped and expensive smartphones. For example, the Honor V10 smartphone, an alternative to Huawei Mate 10, the 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage, was launched at a price of 445 euros.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the specifications of the new Honor MagicBook laptop, but it looks like it will have a screen with ultra-thin bezels.

The funny part is that Honor had posted the first teaser on April 1 and everyone thought it was an April Fouls Prank, but it was not. The company posted an official invitation to the official Weibo account announcing the release of this MagicBook.