Huawei to launch P10 Plus with 8 GB RAM

- Adrian Ungureanu

Huawei just released a video teaser for the yet to be released P10 series. This year’s flagships from the Chinese company will be unveiled just a day before the start of Mobile World Congress 2017, in Barcelona.

Just short after the release of the teaser, more details where leak via a Spanish retailer. It appears that Huawei P10 Plus model, might get a 8GB RAM variant, despite de fact that previous rumors revealed only 4 GB and 6 GB variants.

From the Spanish retailer we find that P10 Plus will feature a 5,5 inch Quad HD display, Kirin 960 processors, 512 GB internal storage, 12 MP main camera and Android 7.0 Nougat on board.

This model is currently listed at 799 euros, which is not a bad price, but the details are a bit too good to be true and there is no way to confirm if those are the final number about the P10 Plus.

There are less than two weeks until 26 February when the new Huawei smartphones are to be unveiled, so we don’t have to much to wait to find the truth.