Huawei to launch its first 5G smartphones in 2019

- Adrian Ungureanu

The implementation of 5G telecommunications networks is just starting but the process is gaining speed and even though some business might get the first 5G services up and running in late 2018, on the consumer’s end 2019 is the year to wait.

So, China’s Huawei has announced that its firt 5G smartphones will be released in the second half of 2019. The announcement was made by the Huawei’s CEO of Consumer Business, Yu Chengdong, at the World Internet Conference in China.

Previously, the company had announced plans to launch hardware products with 5G connectivity as early as 2018. This new announcement appears to suggest that the 5G compatibility included in its 2019 smartphones will be delivered via Huawei’s own chipsets.

It’s not a suprise that Huawei is going to rely on its on chipsets, because they are using the Kirin platforms for some year now and they aren’t bad at all. And when in comes to wireless communications Huawei has a pretty long experience in this field. From way before they started making smartphones.

Let’s see how the competitors will react to this.