Huawei patents a new and ingenious way of interact with smartwatches

- Adrian Ungureanu

Huawei seem to have thought about a better solution to interact with smartwatches without having to obstruct screen with your thick and bulky fingers.

A patent filed by Huawei shows us a clever way without the need for a direct interaction with the smartwatch.

As you can see from the picture below, the system involves a set of sensors able to record movements around the device. Four interaction areas are considered, on back of the hand, on the arm, and on the top and bottom of the watch.

Thus, the user can activate various commands by simply drawing in the air or on the back the hand or arm. By far the most interesting is how to write.

As the screens are very small, and writing messages is a problem that has not yet been successfully resolved. The user draws the desired letter and the sensor system turns the finger movement into the desired letter.

Obviously, like any other patents, it does not mean that it is mandatory to be used. There are certainly some technical hindrances, and most of the time, patents only serve to protect a concept, an idea, with greater or lesser chances to become reality.