Huawei P10 charger catches fire in China – the company tries to blame the customer

- Adrian Ungureanu

A weird episode had taken place in China where a customer, who bought a Huawei P10 smartphone, almost got his house on fire because of a malfunction with the phone’s charger. The charger burst in flames the second time it was used as the smartphone was bought for only three days.

Fortunately the incident happened while the user was at the scene and was able to prevent further damages. He says the faulty charger damaged the power outlet and stained the wall with smoke and if he wouldn’t have been careful his house might’ve caught on fire.

Right after the incident he called Huawei and what followed is more of a bitter story for the owner. He posted the story on its Weibo account and explained that the company handled the matter in a strange way. Huawei officials were sent to his house to retrieve the charger for testing to check if the fire was caused by the charger or the wiring system of his house.

Before the test result was out, the Huawei after-sales center in Tengzhou brought a professional electrician to check his home’s wiring. The electrician didn’t find any issue with his home. However, the Huawei staff declined to write a report absolving him of any fault. His reason was that the Jinan office had refused to take the blame until the test results were out.

From the rest of his posts, it appears Huawei is trying not to take responsibility for the incident and instead put the blame on his home on 6-year old home. He has also provided the original receipt gotten from the Huawei store he purchased the three day-old phone, as proof that he bought the phone from a certified store.

WEN Xiao Xiang said it would have been better if Huawei admitted the charger was faulty and given him a replacement instead of making it seem like the fault was his. He also said he had received calls from the Tengzhou office telling him to take down his posts from Weibo.