Huawei overtook Apple as the second biggest smartphone maker in June and July

- Adrian Ungureanu

At the beginning of 2015, the Huawei heads said to their employees at a party after a great 2014 in sales, that they aim to become shortly the second smartphone maker in the world and that in the long term they want to become the leader.

They’ve said it officially in interview over the last couple of years, while their market share has increased constantly, closing the gap between them the two giants of the smartphone industry, Samsung and Apple.

Well, in June and July, according to latest reported published by the Hong Kong-based Counter Point Research company, Huawei had a bigger market share in sales than Apple did, so Huawei has finally became the second biggest smartphone maker in the world. We do have to mention that in July the American giant has recovered part of the ground it lost in June.

In June Huawei’s market share in sales was little under 11%, while Apple’s market share dropped to 9%. In July, though, Huawei managed to consolidate their market share at 11% and Apple came just under 11%, a few decimals under Huawei.

We also have to mention that Huawei had a more favorable context. While Apple didn’t unveiled anything new since the RED iPhone 7 models launched in the spring, Huawei launched multiple smartphones under its brand and under Honor brand. Also, Apple fans are still holding their money for the upcoming iPhones which will be unveiled next week, on September 12th.

Most certainly Apple will shift the tides in its favor, as its new iPhones will help the Cupertino-based company to regain the ground it lost in the first half of the year, supported by the high level of anticipation over the anniversary iPhone and a strong late-year sales history.

Huawei can only hope to retain its position with the help of the competition, like Samsung, who recently launched Galaxy Note 8 or LG, the other Korean giant, that unveiled LG V30 at IFA Berlin. They also can hope for help from Google, which will release it’s second generation of Pixel smartphones in October.

Huawei will unveil on October 16th, in Munich, Germany, the Huawei Mate 10, which is supposed to be a premium phablet, but if the rumors are right and Mate 10’s price will reach the $1,000 threshold, it’ll be difficult, because high-end premium smartphone buyers traditionally go the Samsung’s and Apple’s devices.