Huawei mocks the entire professional cameras industry in their latest P20 teasers

- Adrian Ungureanu

Huawei tried to make two funny videos, but they messed up big time. I’m not a professional photographer, not even amateur or occasional one, but Huawei’s comparison between smartphones and professional cameras is totally inappropriate, to say the least.

The idea of comparing a professional camera on a phone with a camera is absurd. Or to compare a professional photographer with an amateur taking pictures on a smartphone is like comparing real gun, with a water-pistol.

Not to mention they use expensive equipment in the video. Some of the cameras and lenses used in the videos are way more expensive than any Huawei flagships.

The Chinese wanted to highlight the ability of new cameras to capture bright images and the ease of zooming, but Huawei should know that a professional camera is superior to any cameras installed on a smartphone in every aspect.

These two videos are offending the entire photo industry and all the professional photographers around the world. Am I curious about what their partners from Leica think when they see these videos?