Huawei Mate 10 Pro shows up in live leaked photos

- Adrian Ungureanu

As you already know by now, Huawei is preparing to unveil a new generation of the Mate series, and the unveiling will take place next month in Germany.

It’s going to be held on October 16th, in Munich, and it feels more and more obvious that Huawei will present two very different Mate 10 variants. There’s going to be standard Mate 10, which you can see it in this ugly renders, and a second one, a much more sophisticated one, more appealing and supposedly more expensive, dubbed Mate 10 Pro, which you can see it in the two live leaked photos bellow.

It pretty clear that Mate 10 Pro will be the more appealing one aesthetically as it has nothing in common with the Mate 10 we’ve mentioned earlier. The photos reveal a much bigger screen, almost no bezels on the sides, and fairly slim ones on the top and bottom of the screen.

The pictures look from two different sources, but no one has made a picture with the back of the phone and it feels more like a “controlled leak” if you know what I mean.