Huawei Mate 10 appears in new leaked photo

- Adrian Ungureanu

Mate 10 is to Huawei, like the Galaxy Note is to Samsung. As Samsung’s phablet, the Chinese device appears abundantly in rumors and leaks, so we get to see another leaked photo on Twitter, posted by no other the the famous leakster Evan Blass (@evleaks).

As its clear that Mate 10 will be a series not just one single phone, we think that the model in this picture could be the Pro version. Rumors suggest that there could be at least two different versions. But there are also rumors about a third model, which could be the Lite variant of Huawei’s phablet.

The two clues that makes us think this is the Pro version is that is has very think bezels on the sides and there’s no physical Home button. Most rumors do suggest that and there are some renders, like this ones, that portrays a Mate 10 which physical Home button. But the other think that makes us doubt a bit about it is the screen ratio which of the screen we see in this picture is definitely 16:9, whereas many rumors suggest that Huawei chosen a 18:9 screen ratio. Also, this display doesn’t makes us feel like an “Entire View”. It’s sounds silly but is Huawei’s name for its bezel-less screen.

The Mate 10 series will be unveiled on October 16, in Munich, Germany.