Huawei announce super-thin Ascend P6 smartphone


Huawei announced the Ascend P6 – the world’s thinnest smartphone for now. It’s only 6.18 mm thick and weights 120 grams. The smartphone is quite the piece of work, highlighting how broad Huawei is advancing in the design department. The Ascend P6 features a 4.7-inch HD display, quad-core Cortex-A9 based CPU, 2GB RAM, 2000mAh battery and 8GB storage. The rear camera is 8MP, and the front is 5MP. For such a thin device, it sure packs a lot of technology.

The P6 will be available in three colors – black, white and pink. The body is mostly polycarbonate, with an aluminium frame, or so it seems. The good news is that the P6 will be unleashed in Europe and Australia too, totalling 100 countries overall. The price is a very competitive 449 euro free of contract. It looks like Huawei really believe in this model.

Source: The Verge