HTC Tiara with WP8 GDR2 to debut in May?


Looks like HTC are working on a brand new Windows Phone 8 device. Codenamed HTC Tiara, the smartphone will be the first device running WP8 GDR2 – the most up-to-date version of WP8. The rumors come from Unwired View. The Tiara will reportedly cover the middle range between HTC 8S and 8X. But will it directly compete with Nokia’s 41MP EOS WP8 device? The Tiara will overtake Nokia’s ‘secret experiment’ because it’s set to ship in the middle of May.

In another bit of news, the HTC One will be the sole HTC flagship for 2013. A welcome change for the company who once was no stranger to releasing 15-20 different Android handsets in a year.