HTC One third most popular smartphone in the US


R.W. Baird analyst William Power revealed that the HTC One is the third most popular smartphone in the USA. In AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks the HTC One is the third most sought device after flagships Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. Verizon is still pushing Motorola’s RAZR lineup as the alternative to Apple and Samsung and is probably trying to clean its stock for the Moto X Phone.

Other models in demand are the Galaxy Note 2, LG Optimus G and LG Nexus 4. The BlackBerry Q10’s sales are modest at best, and targeted to business customers. It looks like the suit, briefcase and tie will remain its company for the time being.

The HTC One’s success is a nice way to prove that a really strong product is enough to attract considerable attention and success. Hopefully it will fulfill its role in bringing the struggling taiwanese maker back on track.

Source: Barrons