HTC One rated 1 out of 10 for repairability


Popular tech-dismantling website iFixit gutted the HTC One and rated it with their lowest score of 1 out of 10, indicating extremely complicated and nearly impossible repairability in domestic conditions. HTC’s pride and joy is joining the club of MacBook Pro Retina which was rated 1 because of the epic amounts of glue used in keeping its internal structure, and MS’s Surface Pro, rated 1 for its ridiculous count of nearly 100 screws apart from all else.

According to iFixit it’s nearly impossible to open the One’s aluminium chassis without making a mess of the rear case or the internals. All components are generously shielded with copper sheets. You can even see handwritten marks from quality inspectors, which really lays out the careful attention to detail HTC went for.

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Source: iFixit