HTC confirmed Exodus, its first blockchain smartphone

- Adrian Ungureanu

It’s not like the current smartphones available on the market do not support cryptocurrency apps, but the truth is that they are not safe enough, and the so called wallet apps are not very safe.

There have already been two blockchain smartphones launched already, but they are from two very small, almost unknown manufacturers. The devices are Sugar S11 Blockchain Creation Edition and Sirin Finney.

But now the first household name joins this trend. That’s HTC. The company has announced that it is already working on a smartphone, which is now called Exodus, its first blockchain smartphone.

The company did not offer pictures with the smartphone or too much information about the specs, but provided the sketch above.

However, HTC said the phone will come with a universal wallet and built-in secure hardware to support to blockchain operations that will support cryptocurrency and decentralized applications.

HTC even thinks of creating a native blockchain network for all Exodus terminals that will facilitate trading between users. Moreover, the company is even thinking about allowing users to buy their Exodus smartphones with criptocurrency.

The main advantages of such smartphones are that users will get improved protection and a better user experience by integrating a local virtual currency wallet on their devices, giving them the ability to direct trading of the native cryptocurrency with peers without mining fees.