How to fly with Vision SF50? Not so difficult


Several years ago Cirrus pledged to make available new plane Vision SF50 in 2015 and it seems that already are ready to fulfill his promise. The new model flew for the first time last month.


Bissness insider reported that the company now has about 550 pre-orders, and will cost less than $ 2 million. We present pictures of this awesome new aircraft, which has a very elegant design.


Cirrus argues that it is quite easy to fly, partly due to the V-shaped tail, which makes it easier to control and makes it one of the easiest personal aircraft management. Owners – pilots will have more opportunities and diversity. Moreover, if something goes wrong SF50 has a giant parachute system that will ensure a safe landing.


Vision SF50 has a jet engine Williams FJ33, Garmin and Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Compared with other personal aircraft, it is smaller and has a wingspan of 38 meters. Weight SF50 e 1700 kg and is great for family trips, as can safely embark 5 adults and 2 children.