How much for a gold and diamond made iPhone?


Last week the France Telecom CEO suggested that europeans’s pockets have gotten a lot less deeper than they used to be and they can no longer afford a new iPhone. Well, here comes this bad boy, made from the same swagmeister who also crafted a diamond iPhone 4, platinium MacBook Air and golden iPad 2. It’s an iPhone made of gold and diamonds and probably tears of angels. It took 9 weeks of handcraft to make. The front panel is made of 24 carrat gold, and the Home button is a 26-carrat black diamond. Diamonds are about 600, and 53 of them are in the Apple logo alone.

The price is only 15 million dollars, and the client who ordered it is a chinese businessman. Sans-black diamonds and multiple levels of swag points, the gold-only iPhone 5 will run you a much more reasonable $33 800. Well, it certainly looks better than a Vertu!

Source: GSMArena