HMD to produce Nokia 3, 5 and 6 in India

- Adrian Ungureanu

HMD Global will soon start production in India of the new smartphones Nokia 3, 5, and 6 that were presented in MWC 2017 this week so it will be able to start selling smartphones in the second biggest smartphone market in the world.

The news come directly from HMD India’s VP, Ajey Mehta, who said that HMD plans to manufacture these phones through Foxconn in India from day one. The new Nokia Android phones are expected to hit stores in India by June this year.

The Indian legislation forces a company to produce locally 30% of the products sold in the country. So, now that HMD will produce Nokia smartphone in local factories will allow them to acces the second biggest smartphone market din the world, after China.

The phones will be sold in offline stores through a network of distribution partners and online as well. HMD will have a greater focus on after sales services and will have a network of service centers across India.

India has an estimated population at over 1.3 billion people and it’s a market that loves cheap smartphone. The new Nokia aren’t too expensive and with the help of the brand’s fame HMD Global and Nokia might hit the jackpot.