HMD Global will not offer support for older Nokia phones and smartphone

- Adrian Ungureanu

As expected HMD Global, the Finnish company that produces now Nokia-branded feature phones and smartphones will not offer support for older models, that were produce before December 1, 2016.

HMD Global provides support for the following feature phones only: Nokia 105, Nokia 130, Nokia 150, Nokia 216, Nokia 222, and Nokia 230 as well as all the Nokia-branded smartphones launched from the beginning of the year and the one that will be launched from now on.

Soon after Microsoft offered to sell its ex-Nokia mobile division, it outsourced support for its feature phones and smartphones to a company called B2X.

B2X is a global service company that provides customer care support for mobiles devices on behalf of major players in the market, including Apple and Microsoft.

However, B2X is only going to provide support for Nokia feature phones and Lumia smartphones that were built before December 1, 2016. HMD confirmed recently that it would offer support to Nokia-branded features phone and smartphones that were manufactured after December 1, 2016.