HMD Global recovers the “Asha” from Microsoft, a former Nokia brand, and trademarks it

- Adrian Ungureanu

Maybe there are some of you who still remembers the “Asha” brand from Nokia. The feature phones of the past in this family didn’t gain to much fame, but still in might ring a bell for some of you.

Anyway, the brand belonged until recently to Microsoft who got it from Nokia when they took over the mobile business of the Finnish company. Microsoft discontinued the brand pretty soon after the takeover, but HMD Global might have plans with it.

We don’t know how HMD Global did it, but it seems that they’ve recovered on behalf of Nokia from Microsoft. They’ve even trademarked the “Asha” brand at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Of course, now the speculations run wild and there are expectations to see a new brand on the smartphone market. Still, I would wait for an official announcement, before jumping to any conclusions.

I don’t think it would be a wise idea to start cannibalizing your own products when you just made it on the market. And I’m quite sure that HMD Global doesn’t want to bring a new portfolio of smartphones to compete with the Nokia family it expanded in the past year.