HMD Global might launch Nokia 2 in India next week

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well it seems that the news about Nokia smartphones won’t stop today, as the company that makes them, HMD Global, sent media invites to a special event in India.

Earlier today we wrote about Nokia 9 and Nokia 2 that seem to be prepared for launch, then there we’re the news about the US retailer, Best Buy, who listed the phone for $99, but only for a brief period of time, so it would look like it’s an accident, and now we find that there’s a big event that will take place in India, on 31st of October, which in next Tuesday.

Taking in consideration that Nokia 2 is expected to be a low-end smartphones and the fact that India is a market that love cheap smartphone, speculations are the Nokia 2 will be the star of the event.

No real confirmation, because it was previously rumored that Nokia 2 will be unveil on November 2nd. It could also be the Nokia 9. There’s no concrete information to support any theories. I guess will just have to wait and see.