HMD Global is preparing to launch Nokia X6 globally

- Adrian Ungureanu

Although it was created as a phone for the Chinese market, eventually HMD Global will launch the Nokia X6 globally.

It is the first smartphone of the company featuring a notched screen as the iPhone X, and was officially unveiled on May 16 in China with decent specs and good prices.

HMD Global Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas, has stayed active on Twitter in the days after the launch of the phone in China, and it seems they get a lot of information that the phone is requested in other countries as well. He launched a poll on Twitter and started asking people is the want Nokia X6 in other countries.

“Getting a lot of traffic on this so let’s ask around. Should we bring Nokia X6 to other markets too?” Needless to say that most Nokia fans have said yes. At least at the time of publishing this article, about 91% of over 4,700 voters said they would like the phone in other countries as well.

It is clear that the heads of HMD Global have noticed that there is interest in their latest smartphone worldwide not only in China. And this poll only has the role of clear any trace of doubt.

So it’s safe to say that Nokia X6 will be launched globally.