HMD can’t deal with the high demand for Nokia 6

- Adrian Ungureanu

Flash sales have become a thing amoug smartphones makers, in order to control the amount of sales or to attract more attention to certain models. One of the best examples are the flash sales of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which gradually makes its way to customers.

HMD Global, the company that will produce in the next 10 years Nokia branded smartphones, says that it doesn’t use flash sales with their Nokia 6. This is not the case. They just can’t produce enough smartphones to meet the high demand for the comeback Nokia smartphone.

“Actually we have been updating the inventory on more than 3 times but those were usually gone within minutes or hours, so that’s why you have the impression that we were doing flash sales. We will keep supply to JD for sure and now the Chinese New Year holiday is mostly over and everybody’s back for work, you can expect more supplies in the coming days and weeks”, said HMD Global officials.

Even if Nokia 6 is not the best equipped smartphone out there, it is very popular with the Chinese audience who, literally, can’t get enough of it. Nokia 6 was received with great enthusiasm, Chinese retailer, registered almost 1.5 million potential customers on its waiting list, before Nokia 6 was actually launched on 19 January.