Here’s why Apple trusts in iPhone X’s FaceID

- Adrian Ungureanu

Many Apple fans raised their eyebrows when they heard iPhone X will not feature a fingerprint reader and will rely on FaceID, a new face recognition system. And for good reason because hacks proved that Samsung solution for Galaxy S8 back be fooled by a simple picture of the owner.

But now Apple shows us how FaceID works and probably they showcased the system to the companies that provide support for Apple Pay. And we can good reason to believe that FaceID is safe and can be successfully used to lock and unlock their iPhone.

Apple reveals that the system will project about 30,000 dots on the user’s face in infrared light scanning the face details and features to create a unique map. If the system really works that way, then there’s no reason for anyone to believe that FaceID could be hacked with a simple photo. There’s no way, because a plane photo can’t be mistaken for a 3D model of the owner’s face.

As I mentioned in the unveiling review earlier, another interesting thing about the FaceID is that it’ll constantly update the owner’s face features so you can grow a beard or a mustache without any problems. My concern is what happens if you what to suddenly shave a long beard?

Anyway, Apple has flexed its mucles in front of the competition. I’m sure that everyone can agree that Apple’s solution is far superior to any other face recognition system on the market.