Here’s how the in-display fingerprint reader works on Vivo’s smartphone

- Adrian Ungureanu

As promised, Vivo brought in Las Vegas, at CES 2018, a smartphone that features the much anticipated in-display fingerprint reader from Synaptics.

As you’ll in the video, the reader works exactly as you’d expect. They say, that the smartphone makers are limited to the clasic bottom center setup and they can put the sensor wherever they want.

It is an optical sensor, so it can work through OLED panels with no problems. In fact, at the moment the OLED panels are the only ones that allow the reader to work, but that’s not a problem as more and more future smartphone are expected to sport OLED panels.

Being an optical sensor it has a downsize, it’s a bit slower than a clasic capacitive fingerprint sensor. The first one has a time response of 0.7 seconds, while the latter unlocks the phone in just 0.2 secs. But I don’t know how easy to notice that difference will be in everyday life use.

Anyway, thanks to Android Central, we get to see how the reader works, in the hands-on video bellow. Enjoy!