Here’s how the camera on Samsung phones evolved in the past 18 years

- Adrian Ungureanu

The South Korean company boasts with some of the most important innovations in cameras installed in mobile phones. Samsung still boasts the to be the first company to put a camera on a phone, though some say the first one was actually Sharp.

However, cameras have evolved a lot, not just on Samsung phones, but the South Korean company has made its own contribution to the evolution of a component without which we can’t imagine today’s phones.

Currently, the world’s best camera on a phone is the one on Galaxy S9+, which received the highest score from DxOMark, seen as the most important benchmark when it comes to testing the photo and video capabilities on any device.

Samsung is proud of the improvements made to the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ cameras and has posted an interesting infographic on its official website which shows the evolution of the cameras on their phones since 2000.