Headphones Beoplay H6 Ralpha Edition are designed for cyclists


Combining intense training and high-quality sound (your favorite song to cover) would appear to be difficult, unless you, not a problem expensive headphone to be drenched in sweat. Giants But Bang & Olufsen, together with the British brand Wheel Ralpha, coming up with a solution to this problem. Meet Beoplay H6 Ralpha Edition.

This design is intended to satisfy those who want to burn some calories and sports intensively ear cups are made of African sheepskin used in Ralpha GT gloves and the inner bar is a matter of Rafa Pro Team products. For use during the warm up and recovery, travel, turbo training in competitive cycling.

Many common sight nowadays is the use of headphones to distract and provide motivational tunes. Here we find audio jack for headphones, remote control, microphone (which allows voice control) and pink cord finish. B & O are fans of cycling and very well understand the needs of anyone who is a fan of this adventure.