Hatch, Tamagotchi-like iOS app, to launch on November 20th


Remember Tamagotchi or how you took care of a little virtual creature when you were a child? Maybe you hadn’t an iPhone back then, but now you can transform your iPhone into a living, breathing and eating creature, called Fugu.


Finally, Hatch developing app comes to life and, starting November 20th, you can have your virtual little pet to take care of. No cleaning after it, no taking it out for a walk, no peting it, but still, playing with it.


After November 20th you can download the Hatch app from the App Store and you will see the evolution from the minimal Tamagotchi mechanism to the tons of the iPhone’s sensors and input mechanisms, along with its powerful processing and graphics capabilities. You can see the app’s teaser below.



Source: thenextweb