Half of the large companies can’t really detect complex cyber attacks!

- Adrian Ungureanu

Cyber attacks on organizations have become increasingly complex, so simple security solutions can’t always detect the presence of highly complex threats. Thus, many companies do not rule out the possibility that they are already the victims of a complex attack they can not detect.

According to Kaspersky, as the protection perimeters are “dissolved” in the new digital era, the IT security teams in large companies find that complex threats are already present within their networks. According to a study run by the IT security solutions firm, 48% of the surveyed companies believe that their organization may have already been attacked.

To bring visibility back to corporate networks and reduce response times, New Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense brings together and reinforces the capabilities of Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack, Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services and new Kaspersky EDR within a single platform.

The discovery the most evasive threats is made with Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack. With the new Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack solution, security teams get a redesigned dashboard showing a detailed overview of the status of periodic checks, the latest events, and incident information to help shape the informed action on the next step of the incident response cycle.

To ensure the visibility and simplify of the response procedures the platform relies on the Kaspersky EDR solution. It is usually slow responses that make complex cybersecurity incidents more devastating – recovering from data breaches caused by advanced threats can now cost enterprises up to $977K on average – meaning enterprises have to change how they react. By shining a light on the endpoint activity, Kaspersky EDR ensures cybersecurity teams get complete insight into the systems to understand exactly what is happening and how the threat can be mitigated.

As for further protection, the companies can secure them selves with the Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services which includes a number of offerings for rapid incident recovery (Incident Response service), the proactive assessment and rectifying of damage (Targeted Attack Discovery) and a full, outsourced threat hunting service (Kaspersky Managed Protection).

With the support of all three components of the platform, businesses can adopt a strategic approach to detecting complex attacks across the corporate IT infrastructure and successfully gain control and visibility of their security environment by mitigating risk in today’s digital world.