GTA San Andreas for iOS, Android and WP to come in December


Yes! Rockstar just announced that GTA: San Andreas will get a mobile version for Android (both Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore), iOS and Windows Phone in December. No specific released date or princing so far though.


It was expected for the GTA San Andreas to come for mobile devices, after Rockstar released GTA III and Vice City for mobile devices, so it’s likely to hear about the release of GTA IV in the years to come.


Let’s focus now on GTA San Andreas, the biggest GTA of the PS2 era, because the studio promises new, improved graphics, new touch controls, new checkpoint and support for third-party controllers. Go back to the early 90s with the Grove Street Families when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes to mobile devices next month: ‘Groove Street is king! Say it with me, Niggas! GROOVE STREET IS KING’

Source: gsmarena