Google wants to put around $540 million in LG Display’s VR display chip project

- Adrian Ungureanu

Google bets a lot of money onto VR and the Daydream headset and project is proof that the american tech giant is ready to go the distance. Another proof that Google is ready to go all in just may have surfaced in South Korea.

According to local media, Google is considering a 600 billion won ($539 million) investment in LG Display’s ongoing VR display chip project.

“The two firms are finalizing details of the funding plans since their talks started early this year,” an industry source was quoted as saying. “LG Group, the holding unit, is closely involved in the ongoing talks.”

LG Display declined to confirm the report.

LG Display, along with Seoul-based Hanyang University, has been conducting research to develop its own display chip for VR hardware since last year. As soon as the project is completed, LG’s fabless company Silicon Works will design the chip, while foundry companies such as Dongbu HiTek are expected to produce it.