Google Street View takes you inside of airports, train subway stations


It’s quite unlikely to go to Venice, on Everest, inside the Oberon-class submarine or inside the Suisse Bing-Bang testing laboratory.  Google Street View already fixed this problem for you and nou you can at least visit these places virtually.


In addition, Google’s latest Maps come with an update that focuses on travelling, so you can visualize over 50 train stations, subway stations, 16 international airports and a cable car station in Hong Kong if you are interested in how many Chinese fill in a cable car.


So the new update of Google Street View allows you to take a look at the physical logistics of travel, to see how does an airport look like, how dangerous a train station looks like during the night or how does a subway station look like during the rush hour. If you’re not interested on that because it’s unlikely for you to travel in the near future, you can at least use this Google Street View’s update for comparing the train/ subway stations, the airports from your country with those from other places.

Source: engadget