Google Street View gets small to take the tour of Hamburg’s miniature museum [video]


Google Street View is not only about big cities, large streets and complicated streets on which you can get lost, on purpose or not, while being on holiday or searching  a certain place. This time, Google’s Trekker video camera has become miniature for filming the smallest museum in the world, Miniatur Wunderland from Hamburg.


The project was made with help from some train or buses tiny models on which cameras were attached to in order to capture 360 degrees images from the overall of 13 km of track that passes through seven districts (such as Swiss Alps, Las Vegas or Grand Canyon) were 200.000 people live.


With help from the German map specialist Ubilabs, the project intend to add England, Africa, Italy and France in this Miniatur Wunderland exhibition, so in Google Street View’s maps as well.


Source: engadget